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How to Convert PDF to CSV

Our online document data extraction software will convert a PDF into a CSV file format containing just the data fields that you want extracted from the PDF. Tell us which data in the PDF document you’d like to keep, and what can be discarded, and we’ll parse the PDF to extract the data and create a CSV file with your desired format.

If you’re a programmer, don’t waste your time trying to write the very complex code for how to convert a PDF to a CSV. We do all the hard work for you, all you have to do is call our API. We also have a:

PDF to CSV converter online API

Batch Convert PDFs to CSV

Our data extraction and conversion software is designed for businesses who want to reduce their costs by automating data entry processes. We can process large volumes of PDF documents quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.

batch convert PDF to CSV online API

Accurate Data Conversion

Our automated data conversion software eliminates costly data entry errors. Our software uses artificial intelligence to be able to accurately extract data, even from complex documents that have a variety of data structures. For example, if you want to convert PDF invoices from various suppliers, our PDF to CSV converter will always extract the correct data, even if the PDF invoices come in different visual layouts.

On Demand Data Entry and Conversion

Automating your data entry process not only reduces labour costs, it also reduces your turnaround time. Any PDF file can be entered and instantly converted to a CSV file, any time of day or night.

Streamline Workflow with Automated Business Processes

An additional benefit of automated data entry is that it often allows you to redesign your workflow to achieve significant productivity increases. For example, an employee starts a process, but has to send a document off for data entry before she can complete the process. Then hours or days later, she can finally come back to complete the process. With our automated data entry software the employee can instantly convert the PDF into a CSV and continue with the process to completion. This streamlined process may allow you to provide your customers with additional services and benefits that were previously not possible.

As an experienced software development company, we can help you with much more than just converting PDF files to CSV files. We can help you streamline the business processes that wrap around the PDF conversion.

How it Works

To begin using our data conversion services you first need to go through a quick setup process that will teach our software about the structure of your PDF documents and the data that you would like extracted.

1. Upload Sample PDF Files (or Images)

The first step is to upload up to 20 sample PDF files that contain the variety of layouts that our conversion software will need to extract data from. In addition to PDF files, our system can also extract data from scans or photographs of paper documents.

convert PDF to CSV file format software

2. Identify Data Required

The second step is tell our data conversion software exactly which data you would like extracted from the sample PDF documents. You can do this either by uploading the output CSV files that match the sample PDF files and our artificial intelligence software will work out where in the PDF document to get the CSV data. Or you can use our online tool to indicate which data in the PDF you would like extracted into the CSV.

We can do more than simply extract data from a PDF and place it in a CSV. We can also do all sorts of conversions and manipulations to the data. For example, we can change date formats and capitalisation. We can also do more complex conversions such as converting codes to words or words to codes (if you provide us with the conversion tables). We can also perform calculations. Basically, our software engineers can code any data conversion process that you want us to.

3. Extract Data with our API or with our User Interface

You can use our simple, online user interface to upload your PDF files and download the CSV data files.

convert PDF to XML format – data converter

Or if you want to integrate the PDF conversion process into your own software processes, we can create an API that your software developers can easily call from their scripts. For example, your programmers could write a script that: automatically grabs input PDFs from a folder on your network; then calls our API with that PDF, and receives back the extracted data in a CSV file; then reads the CSV file and inserts the data into your database or accounting software. If you don’t have your own software developers, then we can do all of this for you.

For Developers (C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python)

Doesn’t matter which programming language you’re coding in, you’ll be able to use our simple API calls to do all the hard work for you. All you need is one simple call passing the PDF file and our API will convert it into a CSV file with the data that you need.

If you need to extract data from several PDF documents and combine it in one CSV file, we can do that too.

We can also:

We Do More Than Convert Data

We have a highly skilled software development team who can craft a custom solution that integrates our data conversion service into your software to produce an efficient data entry automation system.

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